AML Operations Centre in the City of London

Lysis Operations has an established AML Operations Centre in the heart of the City of London. Set in a prestigious location in the Sir Richard Rogers-designed 88 Wood Street, the Lysis AML Operations Centre provides AML, CLM & KYC services for banks, hedge funds and asset managers of all sizes. The centre is open for business and already servicing a Tier 1 bank.


The centre features secure, ring-fenced operations rooms with auditable physical security, secure isolated networks and secure communications.


Key services include Client On-boarding, KYC Refresh, KYC Remediation, Client Classification (MiFID, FATCA, EMIR, Dodd-Frank), ongoing screening and monitoring against PEP and sanctions lists and negative/adverse news and AML Transaction Monitoring.


All work is carried out by experienced analysts, review teams (typically on a scale of 1 – 200 people) and management. All our personnel are fully-trained and experienced. They are deployed on High, Medium or Low risk cases depending on experience so Lysis can offer attractive price-points for all risk-levels.

Our teams are able to scale quickly and effectively in line with demand, using our Hire-Train-Deploy methodology.


We also have a Lysis Academy training facility at the centre from which we deliver KYC and AML training.

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Future Locations

Lysis will be opening AML Operations Centres in a number of other locations including
New York, Frankfurt, Dublin, Poland and Edinburgh throughout 2018 in order to meet the demands of our
expanding client base.