How the New Lysis AML Operations Centre Can Assist Small Firms with Regulatory Processing Requirements

Lysis Operations has recently launched an AML Operations Centre in the heart of the City of London. Set in a prestigious location in the Sir Richard Rogers-designed 88 Wood Street, the Lysis AML Operations Centre provides cost effective expert AML, Client Onboarding and KYC services for financial institutions of all sizes. The centre is currently servicing the KYC requirements for a major Tier 1 investment bank but is ideally designed to service the AML and Operational requirements for smaller firms.


  • Client On-boarding and KYC processing.
  • KYC Refresh and on-going KYC Remediation.
  • Transaction Monitoring.
  • Sanction Screening & On-Going Monitoring.
  • Client Classification.


The operations centre can provide expert AML & KYC personnel ranging from teams of 1 to 200, depending on specific requirements. All work is carried out by expert teams of analysts, supported by experienced management. All our personnel are fully trained and experienced to cover High, Medium or Low risk KYC requirements, transaction monitoring processing and PEP/Sanction/Adverse Media screening and on-going monitoring.

Lysis can provide attractive and tailored price-points dependent upon specific risk-levels and requirements.

Our teams are able to scale quickly and effectively in line with demand, using our Hire-Train-Deploy methodology. This can help support both surge resourcing and long term resourcing requirements.

Target Operating Model Review & Enhancement

Lysis can design and embed a Target Operating Model based on advanced and robust KYC process flow requirement which can be align with the client’s on-site model, or to introduce from new.

Previous Clients’ have benefited from Lysis assessing and re-engineering, where required, KYC processes and escalation workflows which has resulted in a more streamlined, efficient, robust and cost effective operating model.

KYC Efficiencies

Throughout the course of Client On-Boarding and KYC Remediation, Lysis will capture and build out KYC efficiencies within the current KYC Life Cycle requirements. Our expert personnel have the experience and knowledge to introduce efficiencies resulting in operational optimisation.

Global Requirements

Lysis ensures organisational consistency requirements are met. Ensuring specific policy and procedural requirements are alignment and met, including any KYC and COB nuances result in a smart and measured approach of ensuring internal KYC requirements are met.

Client Classification

The Lysis Operations Centre also supports regulatory client classification requirements including MiFID, FATCA, CRS, EMIR and Dodd Frank.


We also have a Lysis Academy training facility at the centre from which we deliver KYC and AML training.